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ryan_marsh 2008-11-18 12:45 PM

Applescript Help
I don't know applescript and wouldn't trust myself with it. Has anyone made, or would anyone mind making a script that can export a particular "Perspective" to html on, say, an hourly basis so that I can make it my homepage and see my "Due" perspective every time I open Safari or Firefox?

I'll throw 50 bucks at it if no one is motivated enough to do it.


iNik 2008-11-24 08:40 AM

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Here you go. I was using this before the iPhone stuff came out, so it wasn't any trouble to build it. (I just cleaned it up a bit, since it was VERY bare bones when I first made it)

The script just exports one or more perspectives as HTML, cycling through each one as appropriate.

Just set the two properties at the top to the perspectives you want to export (in {} brackets and quoted, as in the example) and set the path to where you want the files to dump. They'll each be named after the perspective.

iNik 2008-11-24 08:43 AM

Oh, to schedule it to run regularly, you can use a program like Proxi or just set up a repeating event in iCal and set "run applescript" as the alert, attached to this script.

ryan_marsh 2008-11-24 08:51 AM

Oh wow, you rock! Thanks!

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