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u2mir 2007-12-14 07:41 AM

Quick Entry: How to create a new project in a folder?
This is probably a simple thing -- but it still eludes me.

How do I create a new project in the quick entry window UNDER a folder? When i try the : trick, the project name ends up having the : in it. Ie, if I want to create a project 'buy a widget' under the folder 'work', I'd try typing 'work:buy a widget' in the project box then cmd-enter. But it just shows up as work:buy a widget!

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys!

ptone 2007-12-14 09:32 AM

I don't see this happening soon. I think you just have to create the project in your library, then later in OF move it into the folder.

The UI would be tricky, but maybe being able to hit some key after the folder part autocompletes to lock/or confirm that, then keep typing to enter the project name.


u2mir 2007-12-14 10:07 AM

Or why not simply have OF parse the ":" and use it to drop the new project into the appropriate folder. Why would that be so difficult?

The matching functionality of OF would naturally lend itself to making this a fairly accurate process. I think its a key feature perosnally. Dragging around projects is so cumbersome..

xmas 2007-12-14 03:17 PM

It's easy unless someone wants to use a colon in their project names, which from the postings I've seen, a lot of people do. We have discussed this internally, but not sure when we'll get around to deciding on a good syntax and implementing it.

ext555 2007-12-14 06:19 PM

the : is the project identifier in task paper .
If lot's of people are using : how about > ?
or , could the parser , parse the folder names also and bring those up as the first option if it finds a match . ?

u2mir 2007-12-16 08:50 AM

That's a good thought.. or just have a preference to set the identifier and flip on/off the feature. It's a good feature to have and not having it does at some level limit the utility of the folders..

Of course, just my two cents.

marckohlbrugge 2011-09-19 01:20 AM

Did this feature ever get added to OmniFocus?

Brian 2011-09-19 04:44 PM

It's an open item in our to-do list, but it hasn't had a huge number of customer requests come in, so we've been working on other changes. I'll attach you to that feature request, so the rest of the team knows you'd like to see this. Thanks!

TheWart 2011-09-20 02:56 AM

Please attach me to the request list as well. Thanks!

Greg Jones 2011-09-20 04:25 AM

I can create a new project under a folder as long as I enter the full hierarchy, including the separator (set in the Preferences). In my case I use <space:space>, and the new project and task look like this:

Quick entry before typing Command-Return to create the project.

View of the new "Test Task" , in the new "Test Project, under the existing "Test Folder".

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