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troyb 2006-07-05 01:58 PM

OmniWeb 5.5 Sneaky Peek 17 now available.
We hope that this release will address the JavaScript performance issues many of you have been experiencing.

In addition, we also now allow saving in the webarchive format and fixed some compatibility issues with google maps.

[b]OmniWeb 5.5 Sneaky Peek 17 Release Notes[/b]
[*]Registered as a viewer for .svg files.[*]Restored our default font settings (Lucida Grande).
[LIST][*]This re-introduces a bug with font-sizes being smaller in OmnIWeb than in Safari.[/List][*]Added saving as a .webarchive file, via a dropdown menu on the save panel. Pages with sub-resources will default to saving as a webarchive file, while single-resource pages (like images) will default to saving source.[*]Registered as a viewer for .webarchive files.[*]Restored functionality to the 'Download Page to Default Location' context menu item.[*]Page Info now displays header information for "Last-Modified" and "Expires" headers, if provided by the server.[*]Clarified an error message when OmniWeb is given a URL scheme it doesn't understand.[*]Improved JavaScript performance under memory-intensive situations, for example the search-field at [URL][/URL].[*]Cherrypicked apple's revision 13563 to fix drawing issues at [URL][/URL] when double-clicking to center the map, or clicking on the zoom bar on the left.[*]Fixed a bug where switching tabs required a click on the new pages before link hovers and mouse events would work.[*]Updated localizations for French, German, Japanese, and Swedish.[*]Fixed a bug in the German localization where the checkboxes in the plugin preference panel were not clickable.



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