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DouglasChalmers 2009-08-06 05:35 AM

Button to Sync to iCal? [A: see thread]
Is it possible to add a button to the toolbar to allow syncing with iCal? I notice that I have to use the menu or keystrokes if I want any changes in OF to change my iCal to-dos. If I just press the existing 'sync' button on the toolbar it syncs with my other devices but doesn't change the calendar.

Oops - sorry - just found the edit toolbar command

Brian 2009-08-11 04:03 PM

No worries, Doug - it's a good question!

In case other folks search the forums for the same information, the solution is to do the following.
[LIST=1][*]With the Control key held down, click on OmniFocus' toolbar.[*]Select "Customize Toolbar" from the menu that appears.[*]Drag the "Sync with iCal" button onto your toolbar.[*]Press the "Done" button.[/LIST]

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