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gattaca 2013-02-22 11:40 PM

AppleScript for Generating a Report of Completed Tasks
I just came across this article today, tried it out, and works superbly.

It explains how to set up an AppleScript to find all of your completed tasks up to 1 month back and creates a report-like note in Evernote. This is the first time I've used ran the AppleScript utility, and the article explains how if you're a first timer too. I had to do a search on how to view the scripts folder in your hidden Library folder.

I've just incorporated this into my monthly workflow:
- run script to generate report of last month's completed tasks
- in OF, move old data into archive
- & sync to reduce the database size

AppleScript article: [url][/url]

How to make Library folder visible: [url][/url]

The only thing I wish the script could do is probably include any notes and attachments that belong to a task and display the date/time the tasks were marked completed. That would go a long way into keeping an easy to read archive of my tasks and its associated notes.

Tado 2013-02-24 06:23 AM

This is great !
thanks for sharing.

Does anyone know how to do the following:

1. Automate this with hazel ?

2. Have the document created sync w/ evernote ?

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