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lhotka 2009-01-15 03:00 PM

Sending Actions/Projects to someone else
Is there a way within OF to send an action/task to someone else? I'm looking for something like a right click, type in the e-mail address, and have OF automatically create and send the e-mail via (or some other app that I specify).

Even if it could create the body & subject, and I have to type in the address myself, would be much better than than having to manually create an e-mail using the cryptic syntax.

This would be a HUGE time saver if it's not currently available. Delegating is a key practice in GTD, and automating that would be helpful (and a nice reason to buy more OF licenses!)

lars.steiger 2009-01-15 04:37 PM

Hi Ihotka,

I put a little service called Spootnik ([url][/url]) together which synchronizes Basecamp directly with OmniFocus and vice versa.

Basecamp supports to-do responsibilities and sends an email if the responsible party changes. Spootnik synchronizes those responsible parties as Context into your OmniFocus database.

Thus changing a responsibility of a task (inside Basecamp) means to change the Context inside OmniFocus (e.g. "Phone" to "Phil" or "Phil" to "Veronica") and let Spootnik do the synchronization work. Have a look here: [url][/url] ...

Best regards,

lhotka 2009-01-23 09:25 AM

Unfortunately I can't have any of my data on a third-party service - only within my own hardware/network.

Brian 2009-01-28 04:49 PM

This is one of the things we're thinking about working on in a future version of OmniFocus, but we don't have a feature like that in place right now.

Send an email to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] and we can add your vote on behalf of that feature.

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