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dhm2006 2007-06-26 05:45 AM

Feedback Question
Omni Gurus --

Do you want positive feedback about the things we like?

Andrew 2007-06-26 02:17 PM

[QUOTE=dhm2006]Omni Gurus --

Do you want positive feedback about the things we like?[/QUOTE]

But of course. :-) We always like getting feedback about things that people like. (Beyond just being nice to hear, it can help us gauge how important current features are to people, and thus can help us prioritize future changes and help us decide what mechanics we might model future features on.)


dhm2006 2007-06-26 03:17 PM

OK. Thanks. DM

markbrown00 2007-06-26 04:31 PM

Things i love most about OmniFocus as it is at the moment (in order of how important they are to me):

1. Instant updating...i.e., no more painfully slow kGtd syncing
2. quick entry
3. project and context autocomplete
4. date parsing
5. parallel and sequential projects (and the ability to nest combinations of these)
6. nested contexts (never thought i would like this, but now i do)
7. the filters and grouping options
8. text notes
9. project folders
10. flags

that's not to say that I don't care about other features...repeating tasks and perspectives will be important to me. But, i've decided to wait till those features are a bit more refined before i start using them.

jelmore 2007-06-26 05:02 PM

My favorite things to date:
1) No syncing. As I said after watching Ethan's original screencast, OF had me sold at "no more syncing".
2) Nested contexts. I had a bunch of nested contexts when I started using OF, but I ended up having to select multiple contexts to see EVERYTHING that I could possibly do. (Since I spend most of my work day in fornt of a computer, having "Office > KB articles" and "Office > Wiki articles" and the like really didn't help, as there was unlikely to be a time where I'd say "Man, I really want to work on a KB article".) On my last weekly review, I moved that organizational structure into the Projects view and simplified my context lists to @Office, @Home, @Roaming, etc.; if I want to browse wiki articles or the like, I do so in Project view. I do still have subcategories for @Agenda, with all of the primary people I talk to at work or at home (for purposes of adding actions via QuickSIlver or Quick Entry).
3) Nested Project folders. See above.
4) Quick Entry and QuickSilver entry. It's not like I don't have OF on in the background anyway, but I had to train myself to use them for those cases when it's [i]not[/i].

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