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Starting tasks together
I have several tasks that must start together or with an offset from each other. For instances:

Project Manage: Start Q1
Tech Lead: Start at same time as Project Manager.
Software Development: Start 1 week after Tech Lead
Database Development: Start at same time as Software
ETL: Start at same time as Software

The start constraints doesn't quite do it for me b/c it only ensures that Task B starts after Task A, but does not force them to start together. Is there a way to do this? 2009-10-14 08:56 AM

Looking at the docs for the types of dependencies, its more clear to me what is missing: Required overlap.

All of the relations specify that tasks *may* overlap, but do not require it. So essentially the types F-F and S-S should allow a 'In Unison' option, which would require that the tasks either start together or end together (with the option of an offset as is currently supported).

Some real world unison task examples:
* Start together: Fly Plane & Co-Pilot Plane
* Finish together: Cook Main Dish & Cook Side Dish to serve together.

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