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DarylF2 2007-05-24 07:35 PM

OmniGraffle and Word on Mac/Windows?
I love OmniGraffle Pro, but *must* use Microsoft Word for work. Most of my co-workers use Word for Windows, and these Word for Windows users cannot see OmniGraffle drawings I paste into my Word for Mac documents. They see a notice to install QuickTime where my drawings should be, but our work machines are tightly controlled and so installing QuickTime is impossible on our Windows boxes.

Is there a way to paste my OmniGraffle drawings into Word 2004 such that they are properly viewable and printable when these .doc files are opened by Word 2000/2003 for Windows?

EDIT: These drawings are for printed documentation, and so I cannot import bitmapped versions of my drawings; they MUST be vector drawings that can be viewed and printed fine on Word for Windows (and importing PDFs doesn't seem to work, as Word has issues with PDF). My old copy of ConceptDraw Pro 1.8.5 works perfectly in this regard (though ConceptDraw 7 Pro is AWFUL), so I know its doable...

Joel 2007-05-24 08:13 PM

Best practice is to export to EPS (with the DOS preview image) and then import into Word on the Mac that way.

Short version of why the QuickTime dialog comes up is by pasting into Word on the Mac, QuickDraw is invoked, and it has ties to QuickTime.

You might also try copying as vector Pict or exporting as such.

I can give more details if you send in feedback to [email][/email], currently at home. =)

DarylF2 2007-05-25 04:47 AM

Vector PICT works great, but ONLY on a Mac. On Windows, I get the "install QuickTime" block in the Word document...

Will EPS work if my Word for Windows co-workers are printing to a non-PostScript printer? We definitely need high-quality output.

I'll send feedback to the e-mail address you posted as well. Thanks.

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