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omnibob 2008-07-27 03:01 PM

Getting wrong data on iPhone after sync (cPanel; WebDAV)
I'm running the current OFX 1.1 ...103348 and the latest iOF.

I have set up sync to my A2hosting cPanel WebDAV Web Disk using: [url][/url]

I get no errors when I sync to it from OFX. I then sync to it from iOF, and get data that appears to be from a few days ago. I had an Action "Buy X" Context: "Store" Project: "Whatever". A day or two ago, I altered the Action to "Buy X and Y". I also added another task with a name I'd recognize, then synched from OFX, then from iOF, but I get neither the change nor the new Action in iOF. I then deleted the database from iOF, resynched (choosing to get data from the server), some time goes by, and I get a large set of data, but still an old version. I added an Action in iOF, synched, then synched in OFX, but the iOF Action is not synchronized across.

Note that I got the settings in iOF from my OFX, as per the usual method. It seems like I've got two databases on the server somehow, unfortunately, I can't mount the Web Disk, I get an error from the script that cPanel downloads that says "You must accept the server's certificate to be able to connect! Please try again". Note that when I choose non-secure from cPanel (to access the disk), I get the same error.

A2hosting wrote:

"This is a known issue with Mac OSX

You can read a bit more here:


Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do at this time to fix the certificate error you are receiving."

Odd though, I *was* able to mount using the script during the week iOF first came out, and my OS is the same.

When I view my Web Disk via web browser, I see the OF database, and if I click on it, see a bunch of .zip files. I.e., I'm not seeing anything obvious as a clue.


Lizard 2008-07-28 10:54 AM

I'm not sure...Maybe you're hitting this problem? [url][/url]

omnibob 2008-07-28 07:49 PM

Lizard, no, I don't think that is the issue. I think I found the reason for two sets of data. On A2, I have my main web site. I wanted to be able to have an "addon" domain (or more) on the same server. A2's default recipe is to have your addon domain(s) inside your main /public_html/. I wanted mine parallel, not hierarchical, so some time ago I set that up. So I have /public_html/mydomain which is where my main domain is. Anyway, through various early attempts, I somehow managed to get my WebDisk at both /public_html/ and /public_html/mydomain.

But now I'm having other problems, which I'm sure I'll eventually uncover the answer to.




That folder gets created on the web server. Using that path in OFX:


"Unable to synchronize database with server.

Could not access the WebDAV location <>.

Please make sure that the location set in your Sync preferences actually exists."

OK, fine, so I move on:



I get: /OmniFocus.ofocus/ on the server, i.e., at the root, not in public_html. It is a tiny file, not my database.


Now if I delete the WebDisk, OF folder on the server, and reset my OFX sync prefs, then start over with different settings in cPanel:




Same deal, a small /OmniFocus.ofocus/ on the server, i.e., at the root, not in public_html.

When I try: [url][/url]

I get an /public_html/OmniFocus.ofocus/ on the server (right spot this time), but still a tiny file.


I have had my actual db sync to my WebDisk twice now, so I know it's possible.


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