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RobTrew 2011-03-28 06:31 AM

Scripts: reorganizing outlines with popup tags
Sketching quick lists, and then grouping under headings, is a starting point of many of my projects.

But mousing around is a source of friction, as is the recall of multiple compound key assignments.

Another approach is to tag rows using popup lists, and then group them under headings which match their popup assignments.

This has advantages for longer lists, and some automation can make it fairly snappy.

Three stages, one option:[LIST=1][*]Quickly creating a new popup list,[*]faster assignment of popup tags,[*]automatic generation of reorganized documents:[LIST][*]Listing rows under tag headings, with their children,[*]or without.[/LIST][/LIST]
[B]Quickly creating a popup list[/B][LIST][*]Type a few rows, each containing one tag,[*]select the rows,[*]run [I]QuickPopup.scpt[/I], to instantly make a new popup column with these tags.[/LIST]
[B]Faster assignment of popup tags[/B]

To avoid mousing about, I select a row and use a Keyboard Maestro Macro which opens the popup list of the first column to the right of the outline.
If the initial letters of your tags are unique you can then just type one letter, and confirm with spacebar or return.
The sequence of keys in the macro is:[LIST][*]Ctrl right arrrow[*]Ctrl left arrow[*]Esc[*]Ctrl right arrow[*]Spacebar[/LIST](To make sense of this, see [I]OO3 > Help > Keyboard Commands[/I] or just experiment a little)
(Once you are in the popup column, you can just arrow down and hit spacebar to open the popup list for the next row).

[B]Automatic generation of reorganized documents[/B]

Once you have assigned popup tags to some rows, you can automatically generate a new document, listing those rows indented under headers based on the tags, by:[LIST=1][*]Selecting the relevant popup column,[*]running a script:[LIST][*][I]TagReport.scpt[/I][*]or [I]TagReportIncChiln.scpt[/I], which includes the children of the tagged rows.[/LIST][/LIST]

The 3 scripts are in the zip attached to this post.


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