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Bucs 2009-07-11 07:12 AM

How do you demo OmniGraffle? [Answer: Has built-in 14 day trial period]
Ok, so I downloaded OmniGraffle 5.2 to demo the program, and it appears that none of the "New" or "Save" menu option work to actually demo the software to see how it compares to Visio or other design apps. Is this true, you cannot actually perform actions unless you buy a license first?

Sure hope not...thanks.

UPDATE: And I just found the link telling me to "get a Trial License" to unlock the features on the product page....which is no where to be found. What a pain to demo the product :(

whpalmer4 2009-07-11 08:30 AM

They apparently haven't elided the "trial license" text from the web page everywhere, but OmniGraffle now has a 14 day demo period, and is fully functional during that period. You just download it and use it. However, if you've previously done so, and the 14 days has gone by, you're not going to get another 14 days just by downloading it again to the same account on the same computer.

Brian 2009-07-14 03:35 PM

Bucs - it sounds like you've initially tried the application. If you email us, though, we can get you set up with a new trial. Sorry for the confusion!

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