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silvermoonbeam 2010-01-23 06:43 PM

How to get note icon to appear on right?
I imagined I was an advanced-intermediate user of OmniOutliner Pro and have used it since 2006, but this simple thing has me a bit stumped:

I opened the Class Notes template (included with oo3) for the first time today and noticed that the clickable notes icon was positioned in the [I]right[/I] margin of the document. Every other oo3 document I've seen, or created, has this in the left margin. Despite searching the menus and inspectors, I could find no settings to toggle this on and off.

Does anyone know how to move the notes icon to the right margin??


whpalmer4 2010-01-23 08:08 PM

Yes, and you're going to put a big dent in your forehead when I tell you :-)

Normally the notes are in column 1 if you look in the Inspector. To move them into a different position, just click on the column header to the left of where it normally says Topic and drag the notes column to where you want it (it's in column 2 in the Class Notes template). The Class Notes template doesn't display the column headers, which makes it a bit more mysterious than it might otherwise be. View->Show Column Titles controls their display.

silvermoonbeam 2010-01-24 05:18 AM

Thanks for your help! I've got it now! I suspected it would have something to do with columns, but I never could select the column that held the notes.


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