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flamejob 2009-03-31 01:38 AM

Making tasks show 'calendar' time
I have been batting omniplan around for a while now and can't seem to make a task that is set as four weeks display as 4w.

I have tried fiddling with the work week, to no avail.

As I am about to go into a major project I can't really trust OnmiPlan is going to do the right thing and mess my schedule up, or worse, I will look at the task list and tell someone a task will take 1 week 2.75 days and it is only a week on the chart.

BTW 1 week on the Gantt chart is showing as 1w2.57d


whpalmer4 2009-03-31 06:20 AM

It sounds like your 1 week task has been assigned to a resource which is working at 66% availability, which means the task will be 1w 2.576d in duration.

The effort/duration distinction can be confusing at first; I know I had to play around with it quite a bit to get any comfort level established, and as I recall the sample files available on the website and used in the tutorials don't really touch on this. Rereading the manual around page 48 or so (at least in the online copy) might help. Can you post a simple example of your problem?

flamejob 2009-03-31 07:00 AM

I don't actually have any resources, so clicking between the effort and duration has no effect.


I may well have to resort to excel for robustness! aaaaahhhhhhaaah!

whpalmer4 2009-03-31 07:51 AM

Your example doesn't seem to show the problem you report...

whpalmer4 2009-03-31 07:54 AM

If you don't want us to see some confidential data, you can use the Help->Send Feedback command to start composing a message that will have a sanitized version of your file (everything will be Task 1, Task 2, notes replaced with gibberish, etc.). Drag that file to the desktop, zip it up and attach it to a forum post and we can have a look...

flamejob 2009-03-31 08:09 AM

If you look at the chart, the bar is showing 5 days, but it is reporting 1 week.

If you stretch the bar out to a week (7 days) it reports back as a week and xdays

whpalmer4 2009-03-31 08:13 AM

You have your settings for display set to 1 work week = 40 it is doing exactly the right thing!

whpalmer4 2009-03-31 08:16 AM

Reading my post [URL=""]here[/URL] may be helpful.

skwirl 2009-04-17 04:45 PM

Thanks for the assist whpalmer4. :-)

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