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JamisLaFrance 2011-05-26 02:00 PM

Has anyone used TouchDraw?
Has anyone tried TouchDraw? It seems to be able to cut and paste individual forms. I haven't given it a try yet. Any thoughts?

lucianofuentes 2011-06-14 09:48 PM

I'm not sure if this little trick of mine is old hat, or if there's some better way that makes mine look silly.

What I do (in any app that exports as an image file) is save to Dropbox, then open the file in Goodreader. GoodReader let's you view the file AND create a link that is a direct URL to Goodreader and the actual file. I use this trick in iThoughts and Omnioutliner to link to images (or any other file including PDFs, image files, videos, even Office docs). If you set them up as synced folders between Dropbox and Goodreader, you can re-edit the files, and provided the names don't change, the links will remain intact.

The outline won't have a "preview" of the doc, but it's a convenient and fast way to access files.

HappyCatMachine 2011-06-16 01:33 AM

[QUOTE=JamisLaFrance;97987]Has anyone tried TouchDraw? It seems to be able to cut and paste individual forms. I haven't given it a try yet. Any thoughts?[/QUOTE]

Downloaded and played with TouchDraw over the past couple of days. It has a LOT of promise.

The handles are remarkably easy to drag around, I like the bigger handle as it matches the finger/stylus hit area. Even though it's rare that I have a 'mis-tap' with smaller handles, the larger once are cognitively easier to work with.

I haven't done a lot of detail work and perhaps that is where TouchDraw will fail however...

Its ability to connect shapes with any number of styled connectors actually feels better than OmniGraffle. I'm going to try to build some diagrams this coming week with TouchDraw just to see how well it fares. It promises VISIO export in an upcoming release and if it's diagramming tools are robust enough, well, OmniGraffle could be destined for page 2.

The jury is, of course, still out as I've only played around for a couple of days. Things do look very promising with TouchDraw at the moment, however.

Oh, and yes, you can copy/paste individual shapes out of TD into OmniOutliner.

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