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Carlos 2013-08-18 10:49 PM

preview of omni documents in document icon

I thought it was possible to to show a preview of the actual document within a document's icon (described for example [URL=""]here[/URL]).

Currently, all the icons of my omni group documents show the apps' icons (the pink one for OF, the green one for OGraffle).

Is there a way to show a preview? This would be particularly useful for documents on the desktop.

john.gersh 2013-08-19 09:34 AM

Is "Show icon preview" checked in View Options for the folder containing the document?

Right-click in the Finder window and choose "Show View Options" to see the checkbox; it's near the bottom.

Carlos 2013-08-19 12:52 PM

icon previews
yes, that is checked, and the previews are shown properly for other files (ppt, png, psd, for example)

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