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vbdjames 2011-10-31 07:41 AM

When a project's next action is a calendar event
I sometimes have projects that end up with a calendar event as the next action. For example, a project "Finalize Wilkins proposal", might have some actions that are "regular": read Wilkins RFP; rough draft Wilkins proposal, etc. - but then I might have an action to meet with Wilkins a week from tomorrow. I want to put that meeting in the hard landscape, so I would put it on my calendar. However, I want to be able to look at the project in OF, and know that there is nothing more for me to do until after that meeting. Unfortunately, the only way I see to do that is to do double entry and record the meeting in booth places.

Anyone worked out a better solution?

Tedallen 2011-11-01 08:52 AM

What will be the next thing you do after the Wilkins meeting? Summarize the meeting? Add actions resulting from the meeting?
You might add that next action and then make it "waiting for" the finish of the meeting

vbdjames 2011-11-01 09:54 AM

Good idea - avoids my double-entry issue entirely, and makes it clear where the projects stands when doing the review. I'll give it a run (and post back how it went), unless/until someone has a better idea!

julienl 2011-11-02 04:26 AM

Similarly, you could use the start date and set it to "just after the meeting" for the action(s) required after the meeting. This way they become availabe once the meeting has passed.

What I like about this for some situations is that it's more automatic, while "waiting for" requires you to review the action(s) (which might be better in other situations).

pjb 2011-11-02 04:34 AM

I actually use both: a waiting for item with a start date/time after the meeting because sometimes meetings get postponed and there's a toolbar script "Defer" which makes it easy to push that waiting for item into the future

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