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Irv Shapiro 2008-04-25 05:24 AM

Performance saving diagrams
I have been surprised by the performance when saving diagrams on my MacBook Pro from OmniGraffle Professional. Saving a diagram with 6 objects in native format takes about 20 seconds. Exporting to EPS takes much longer.

While saving the beach ball is spinning and the disk is working hard. (I have 2 GB of ram and 30 GB of free disk space.)

I wanted to verify that these times are appropriate to confirm I have installed the software correctly.


Joel 2008-04-25 07:08 AM

If it's OmniGraffle Professional 5, I'd hedge a bet that it's the Quick Look preview getting written out that's taking that much time.

You may want to disable that in the Document Inspector and see if saving goes a bit faster.

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