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marekp 2010-01-02 06:47 AM

Location Aware: Several Results per Context, not only nearest one

When I click on my nearby actions I want to see several results not only the nearest one on the map.
For example I put "supermaket" as a "business search" for my context "errands>supermarket". So if I push my nearby actions I just get one small supermarket which is close by but the bigger supermarket which is a little more far away is left out.
But only the big one has the stuff I need. Could you add a button like "show more options/alternatives"?


curiousstranger 2010-01-03 08:33 AM

I believe there is an item in the suggestion database to show per-context maps, which would show multiple results. This keeps the multiple-context map view less cluttered, but allows you to focus on a particular context in more detail. Send feedback from the Help menu!

whpalmer4 2010-01-03 01:47 PM

An alternative viewpoint: you haven't properly defined your contexts, or have assigned the wrong one to the task. If you have tasks that can only be done at some supermarkets, either your supermarket context shouldn't be so inclusive, or you should have a context for gourmet supermarkets, or bargain priced supermarkets, or whatever the distinction is that makes one suitable and another not. i find the hierarchical context support useful for this. I've got an Errands context tree that among other things, has a nested Grocery store context. Items that can reasonably be bought at any grocery store I might encounter will go in the Errands : Grocery store context. Underneath, I've got nested contexts for specific stores that I patronize where I file actions that should be done at a specific store (or class of stores) -- if someone has chicken on sale this week, I'll put the "buy chicken" action in the more specific context for that store. When I go to one of the specific contexts, I'll get whatever is listed in its context, of course, but I'll also check the parent context to see if there is anything on the general list that I can get while I'm there.

Remember, a context specifies a tool or location or person or other such constraint needed to do a task. You shouldn't have to look at a list of tasks for a given context and re-evaluate whether or not you can actually do that task (at least from the standpoint of being in the context) or you lose most of the value of the concept. As an example, having a Computer context would not be good if half of your computer-related tasks have to be done with Windows and half with Mac OS X -- you'd be constantly scanning the list, wasting energy and concentration skipping the items you couldn't do at the computer you were using.

I'm not saying that it wouldn't be an improvement for the maps display to offer the option of showing more choices. My argument holds whether it shows one choice or many -- if your context shows an action that you can't do while in the context, you've misfiled the action or the context definition needs refinement.

marekp 2010-01-03 02:25 PM


thank you. You have a good point there though I think it's not what is my problem. My context work for me quit well. I really need "just" a supermarket. But sometimes I'm on my way somewhere where I don't know the area so well. Google (business) search can throw results at me which are not relevant to me or even 'false'. Although I'm looking for a supermarket, it just shows me a small food store, which actually isn't a proper supermarket. So my request would just iron out this.

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