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Tez09 2010-08-10 08:29 AM

Canvas size
Can you explain how a flowchart I may create will be sized up within the canvas? For example, the first flowchart I've done sends out to PDF in A4 which is great (although the canvas size in Omnigraffle is not A4). However, I now need to create a much larger flowchart which in Visio can only be done (and remain visible when printed out) in A3.

Brian 2010-08-10 02:45 PM

Tez09, just wanted to mention that you may want to include these questions in an email to the [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL] as well - we browse the forums as we're collectively able, but we can't guarantee that someone from a particular team will be able to respond to every post.

(My graffle-fu isn't sufficient to answer this, but if you email the ninjas, they would know for sure.)

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