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crafu 2013-05-20 10:04 AM

Show start and end dates on tasks
Hi there,

Really simple question, when I come to print out my plan, is there a way to show the start and end dates of each task?

Due to the size of the project, the date range bar at the top condenses and makes the actual dates unreadable.

Selecting a different view is not an option as I need to show the specific day an task will be completed.


skwirl 2013-05-20 02:38 PM

You can have the start and end dates appear on the task bars by going to "View" > "View Options" in the menubar. You'll see the Task Labels section where you can assign one of the task's values to the left, center, and right of the task bar.

If you'd rather have the dates appear in the task outline instead of near the task bars, you can enable the Start and End columns in that View Options panel too.

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