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Jon12345 2013-05-22 09:54 AM

Leaving completed tasks visible
When I complete a task, it puts a line through it. However, when I move from one folder and back to another, the task is gone.

Is there any setting available that leaves the task crossed off but visible until I reach the following day, when it is cleared, even if I jump around from one folder to another?



Dale 2013-05-22 10:35 AM

In OmniFocus preferences go to the Data tab and in the Cleanup group settings verify the "Immediately hide completed items" selections is uncheck. This will allow one to switch between projects in "Project" view or between contexts in "Context" view and the completed task will remain visible. However, if one switches from "Project" view to "Context" view or vice versa the task will be cleared from view. Also worth noting is how to manually clear completed items use the keyboard shortcut Command-K.

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