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BwanaZulia 2007-06-28 01:18 AM

iPhone and OmniFocus - A BIG NO!
From Pogue's Q&A.

"Do To Do items show up on the iPhone? Do memos in the iPhone’s Notes program show up on the computer? No."


Are you kidding me?


jstrat 2007-06-28 02:29 AM

[QUOTE=BwanaZulia]From Pogue's Q&A.

"Do To Do items show up on the iPhone? Do memos in the iPhone’s Notes program show up on the computer? No."


Are you kidding me?


I would have to say that this is not good for the first release, but I suspect that this will all change with Leopard. How the iPhone integrates with Leopard is more interesting with things like ToDos in the mail client and a full Calendar server solution.

To be honest I was not expecting great integration with Tiger.

Also being in the UK what the iPhone does now is a non issue, as it will be way more advanced by the end of the year! I hope.

BwanaZulia 2007-06-28 02:56 AM

To leave out 2 of the 4 most common PDA functions in this "Revolutionary" phone is just crazy (and shortsighted and dumb).


jstrat 2007-06-28 03:54 AM

No argument there. It will still be a success regardless as people will buy it for the cool factor and wait for the features that are missing. Kind of like the AppleTV, doesn't make complete sense as it stands but its a platform to build on.

BwanaZulia 2007-06-28 04:38 AM



dansays 2007-06-28 05:16 AM

I'm not worried. Omni's fledgling web interface looks fantastic, and depending on how the device behaves when viewing web pages in offline mode, there's potential for task caching/syncing with cookies. We'll find out tomorrow, I suppose.

As for the non-OmniFocus-using masses, I'm certain Apple will update this functionality with Leopard's release in August. Notes and embedded tasks are moving over to

BwanaZulia 2007-06-28 05:25 AM

As much I like the idea of OF to go (or mobile, or whatever) the fact that a $600 "PDA" or "Revolutionary" phone isn't going to be able to handle a simple to do or a note that actually gets back to my Mac is a HUGE bummer.

Leaving my Mac on 24/7 so I can hook up to OF only when I have access (not in the subway) so I can enter a task, is a pretty crappy solution as opposed to just syncing my iCal todos.


dansays 2007-06-28 05:47 AM

It would have been better to have the functionality at launch, I agree, but I'm sure it's coming in Leopard. Just sit tight. :-)

gotung 2007-06-28 06:11 AM

Saying people are simply going to buy the iPhone because it's "cool" is juvenile. People say thats the same reason people buy so many iPods.

But what makes it cool? Is it just the Apple logo?

Or is it the fact that people who use computers at work everyday of their lives, but have no idea that you can move documents by dragging them, can figure out an iPod/iPhone?

I work with these people everyday. Im the entire IT department for my small company. When I show them you can right click to create folders, and put files in there by just dragging them, they go "neat". But they don't get the "desktop" folder/file metaphor and they just forget the next day what I showe d them.

But they can use iPods.

Yes the iPhone is missing features. 99% of them are software related. This is a brand new phone platform. The software will get better.

Anybody remember OS X 10.0?

AmberV 2007-06-28 07:12 AM

I'm sure some tweaks will be made, but I wouldn't place too much weight on the fact that the iPhone can be upgraded. That was one of the main things people said when the iPod came out, and was revealed that its firmware and operating system could be easily upgraded. They said that the simplicity and lack of feature in the original iPod could easily be expanded by Apple.

Unfortunately, it never really worked out that way. Apple does release what amounts to bug fixes and minor changes in existing iPods--but to get any real updates you have to shell out for a newer iPod. I'm not saying data sharing will not exist in Leopard. That seems only natural since it will have system-wide ToDos and all. But don't expect miracles.

Yeah, I remember OS X 10.0, and that was what, almost $500 USD ago? My point isn't that they should charge for upgrades, but that buying the iPhone [i]now[/i] and expecting it to radically improve and evolve over its current limitations is perhaps a bit optimistic.

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