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Christiaan 2008-04-07 12:39 PM

Omnifocus and working in teams
I work for an architectural firm and at some point this year we're going to roll out a GTD app across the board.

Personally I've been using Omnifocus but one feature of another app (Things) that has caught my eye is the ability to collaborate in teams over a network.

Is there any word on whether Omnifocus might soon have this capability?

yucca 2008-04-07 01:57 PM

I don't think anything is coming in this area anytime soon. Communication and Control fall more into the Project Management arena IMO; and it is probably difficult for Omni to determine what PM apps they need to support. OK. Obviously we might hope for MS Project and OmniPlan . . .

Where OF should come in is as part of a workflow that allows assignments and status to flow back-and-forth between each team member's OF database and the project management app.

BTW, there have been two or more threads that covered this topic over the last month or so.

yucca 2008-04-07 02:33 PM

Thought I would check for you on past threads that relate to this topic, and my advice may have been a bit of a wild goose chase. Sorry about that. Try these links as a starter -

A possible solution to your situation: [url][/url]

Other treads dealing with this topic that I recall:




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