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tkc 2010-01-24 07:46 PM

Can not export as a dotx format with more than one LaTeXit equations.
Dear all:

I am using OmniOutliner Pro (ver. 3.9.5) and Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac (ver. 12.1.0) and I face a trouble that I can not export as a dotx format:

When the original oo3 document includes more than 2 equations made by LaTeXit, the exported file can not be opened in Microsoft Word with the following error message (details might be incorrect as the original message is in Japanese):
Open XML file Macintosh
HD:Users:***:xxx.docx can not be opened.
The file is broken.

When there is only one equation in an oo3 document, the exportation works as I expected.

I hope this problem would be addressed in a near future as I think the joint use of OmniOutliner and LaTeXit is quite helpful for scientific/technical writing.

DerekM 2010-01-25 11:26 AM

Could you send an example OO file to [email][/email] please? I'm guessing this is due to attachment names but unfortunately the Word errors are almost completely useless in giving helpful information.

DerekM 2010-01-25 03:23 PM

I don't know LaTeX at all so I'm a complete noob here, but I finally got everything installed I need and I'm not sure how you're able to open a file that just has one LaTeXit eq in it. The problem I see is just a general problem with exporting attachments to docx. If you just drag the image from LaTeXit to OO3, it creates a LinkBack pdf which is named "Pasted Graphic.pdf". MS Word does not allow spaces in the names of attachments so there's no way to fix this through the exporter.

The only way to fix this is to have OmniOutliner rename embedded attachments to a format of our choosing. We won't be doing this for OO3 but is something we'd like to do for further export enhancements.

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