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avilewis 2010-02-18 04:12 AM

Favorites disappearing
Hi there,
I've been using OmniWeb very happily for about a year. In the last week, my favorites have been disappearing. The toolbar is selected in the View menu, and if I go to the Bookmarks menu, I can see the favorites in the folder there.
But they are not appearing in the toolbar.
Very frustrating - any help would be much appreciated.

avilewis 2010-02-18 04:23 AM

Correction: it's a toolbar problem affecting both the favorites toolbar and the location toolbar.
Both are present, but both are empty.
In the location toolbar, it says "Address:" but there is no window beside the word.

troyb 2010-02-18 11:18 AM

What version of OmniWeb are you using out of curiosity?
If you download and reinstall OmniWeb does the problem persist?

avilewis 2010-02-18 11:33 AM

I'll try downloading a fresh copy and re-installing and report back.

Is it possible to export my favorites and re-import them, so I don't have to start all over? I see an Import command in the menus, but not an Export...

avilewis 2010-02-18 11:51 AM

Ok, before downloading a fresh copy, I noticed that my favorites were now completely gone - not just missing from the favorites bar, but from the bookmarks menu as well.

After downloading and installing the new copy, the navigation and location bars are back, but the favorites bar is still empty.

I'll re-build my favorites, but I fear they'll disappear again within a day or so.

troyb 2010-02-18 11:55 AM

The favorites are stored in an .html file in your application support folder:

~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb/Favorites.html
~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb/Server Bookmarks/Favorites.html (if you sync your bookmarks)

You can make a backup of that file.

troyb 2010-02-18 11:57 AM

Out of curiosity, are you syncing your bookmarks?

avilewis 2010-02-18 12:01 PM

Thanks for that, and yes - I do sync my bookmarks between my desktop and laptop. I was wondering if that could be involved.

troyb 2010-02-18 12:04 PM

Seems likely, are you using Mobile Me or some other WebDAV server?

avilewis 2010-02-18 12:06 PM

Yes, MobileMe.

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