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tajmahal 2012-03-18 11:35 AM

Setting the text language (for spelling correction)

I am using OmniOutliner 3.10.3 on a German Mac OS X 10.7.3 system.

When I create a new document and start to type German text, everything is fine. However, when I type in English, every single word is being underlined with red dashes. I could not find an option to change the text language to English, as is possible e.g. in Apple Pages via the inspector. I did not even manage to entirely and permanently disable spell checking (i.e. having the red underlines disappear) for the document.

I would like to know how to accomplish these to things.


DerekM 2012-03-19 01:32 PM

Try playing with the dictionary language settings that you can set in the spelling and grammar window. You can access this through Edit -> Spelling -> Show Spelling and Grammar

Under that Spelling menu is also the option to turn off spell checking.

tajmahal 2012-03-23 12:31 PM

After playing for some more time with the spelling options, I think I figured out how they work.

- Deactivating "Edit > Spelling >Check spelling as you type" does not cause the red underlines that are already present to go away in the entire document. They only disappear in a row as you start editing it. Also, the setting is turned back on after quitting and restarting OmniOutliner. Shouldn't this be saved in the document?

- Changing the language via the "Spelling and Grammar" window kind of works. It is, however, back to the default setting "Automatic by language" after restarting OmniOutliner. Furthermore, it seems to apply to the entire document, so there is no way to have multilingual documents and still have spell checking turned on with different languages set for different rows.

Are these observations correct? All in all, I am under the impression that the way OmniOutliner handles spelling correction is rather awkward.

Raahaugen 2013-06-14 11:57 PM

Hi Omni!

Great apps, use almost all on a daily basis!

I agree with tajmahal, there seems to be significant problems in regards to spell check in omnioutliner, which drives me nuts!

I would like to have an answer to tajmahal's question as well.

Will this be corrected in OO version 4? Any chance changes will be made to version 3?

Best regards!

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