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mslemko 2008-03-17 09:56 AM

interest in SCXML

I'm wondering if OmniGraffle is planning to support SCXML?

It is something that would greatly improve our productivity being able to take UML and bring it into our application directly, as well as having great diagrams that help us visualize issues.


Phrogz 2012-05-08 07:17 AM

Looks like interest might be low, but...
...I for one am interested in seeing OmniGraffle support this open standard for semantic representation of state machines. I'd envision "support" entailing:
[LIST][*]Importing SCXML files and laying them out (similar to DOT), and[*]Exporting SCXML files in a lossy manner (without layout or presentation information), making certain assumptions (e.g. the first label on an edge is the transition event list, the second label, if any, is a condition).[/LIST]

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