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santra 2008-11-06 06:28 PM

Outline sidebar--will its order affect canvas?
I'm using the Outline sidebar. I see my items in there, and I can drag them into a different order, but this has no effect on the order of objects on the canvas, either horizontal or vertical. I'm rather surprised...has this functionality not yet been built into the app?


Canvas and Outline:

1 (parent to all 4 items below, which are children)[INDENT]A[/INDENT][INDENT]B[/INDENT][INDENT]C[/INDENT][INDENT]D[/INDENT]
Change Outline to:

This has absolutely no effect on the canvas.

Joel 2008-11-06 09:37 PM

Doesn't affect the order in 5.0.2 or earlier, however this does work in the current 5.1 beta releases.

santra 2008-11-07 04:28 AM

I have 5.0.2 Pro. Wow, really looking forward to this. I suppose I may have to get a mindmapping app like MindManager 7 for the Mac, but I'm not sure if they support this. Ultimately, I'd like to get sort as well.

santra 2008-11-07 04:48 AM

I got it to work! It was as simple as:

Diagram Layout
Turn on "Automatic Layout"


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