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std_ren 2008-12-10 10:52 PM

OmniFocus as a Service

Are you planning to release an online version that syncs with an iPhone & mac. I use different hardware (mac, iphone, pc) from different places and would like to be able to use a browser version of OmniFocus.
Try Evernote (iphone, PC, Mac and Web frontend) and you will know what I'm looking for as a GTD Tool...


lars.steiger 2008-12-11 06:55 AM

Hi std_ren,

If you would like Basecamp as front-end for your OmniFocus to-dos, maybe Spootnik is something for you ([url][/url]). It synchronizes Basecamp directly with OmniFocus.

It is currently in private beta. If you like to test-drive it you can sign up here [url][/url] and join the private beta crew.

Best regards,

pendolino 2009-01-29 03:29 AM

lars -

* some great work you've done with spootnik.
* i hope the project is financially viable for you as it would be a shame to have it be discontinued.
* i would like to know what happens when i create a synced task in omnifocus assigned to one of the 'people' in my basecamp list (that spootnik created in OF) and specifically if it sends an email notice through basecamp? this is an option in basecamp when i create a new task.
* i used to sync my mac and iPhone through local network (bonjour) and now i had to move them both to Spootnik meaning i can no longer do local sync. is this correct?

lars.steiger 2009-02-03 02:36 AM

Hi pendolino,

I'm glad you like Spootnik! I don't want to pollute this forum too much with my stuff. I improved the FAQ of Spootnik a bit which should hopefully gives you the answers to your questions.

Best regards,

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