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tencargarage 2009-12-27 09:05 AM

Move / copy Omni Outliner to another computer
I received OO as a software bundled in my original imac 17 PPC. I had it running under Leopard ( Omni Group support helped) by copying or moving it to the new machine. I forgot how it was done.

I did a clean install of SL and have a Super Duper backup including the application but forgot how to bring it to the "new" machine from the backup. I reinstalled all of my apps vs using migration assistant.

Can I just drag the app from Super Duper backup to SL application file or is their other files that I need to bring over as well?

Thanks in advance.

whpalmer4 2009-12-28 12:45 PM

Drag the application from the backup to the Applications folder, or just download a fresh copy from the Omni website (thus guaranteeing the latest version). You'll also want your license file, which lives in /Library/Application Support/Omni Group/Software Licenses. After you've got your backup mounted, start OmniOutliner, go to OmniOutliner->Licenses, click on the Add License... button, then the Import License File... button and navigate to that file in your backup and click Open.

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