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dmsmith72 2011-08-21 06:33 PM

Swap stencils?
Is there a way to swap one stencil for another? Almost like find/replace?

Let's say I used a circle stencil throughout the document that uses an image as part of the stencil and I want to replace every instance with a square stencil?

The image feature sort of has this with the "set image" option, allowing you to change an image but retain scaling, position, etc.

Does something similar exist for stencils?

Thanks for any help

Brian 2011-08-23 02:30 PM

Happy to help! The "Selection" tab of the Canvas inspector will let you do this. Click on the boxes in the inspector to select the corresponding shapes in your document wherever they may be. You can then use the "Lines and Shapes" tab of the Style inspector to change all your circles to squares.

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