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DannyG 2008-08-07 06:36 AM

Today List
This has been discussed many times but I thought I would explain what I would really like to see and maybe someone has an answer or it can be used as a suggestion for future features.

This is how I currently handle my Today list...
I view my perspectives and flagged items and manually write down on a piece of paper those items that I have picked to do today. I don't want to go through and change dates or flags on any of the items in OF, I just want a simple check list of the items I want to tackle today. Not tomorrow, or for the week, just today. Depending on what my day is going to be like, I may not have time for everything that might be due that day or maybe I'm traveling somewhere and it makes sense to do something listed in OF that's not due until sometime in the future.

I don't want to create a folder and drag items because I want to keep those items in their proper folders where they now reside.

It seems silly to have to manually write things down so here is my idea of how I would like this to work.
1. Click on a "Today" icon and a new separate window opens.
2. Drag any item from any view in OF onto the new window creating a list. This dragging does not remove the item from where it resides, it just creates a copy/alias of the item.
3. Be able to rearrange the Today list items in any order I prefer.
4. The items in the Today list could be checked off when done, or double clicked and be brought back to where it resides and edited.
5. Be able to print the list

This is just a way to make a quick, throw-away, list without having to move items, change dates, flags, contexts, etc. These are the items I want to do today - for whatever reason. I don't want to make changes to my OF file of items. Simple, clean, harmless.

This could be accomplished by creating a special folder that treats items that have been placed in it as an alias, without moving the original. If you delete an item out of this folder, it only deletes the alias, not the original item. Or something along these lines.

Any thoughts?

curt.clifton 2008-08-07 09:21 AM

You can get nearly all of this by dragging the items to a new OmniOutliner document. You might give that a whirl and see if it works for you.

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