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omnibob 2010-04-09 04:44 PM

Groups, Projects, and SALs showing up in Context: No Context (1.8)
I have mixed (more negative than positive so far anyway) feelings about having groups and projects showing up in Context Mode, under "No Context". Prior to 1.8, I would always assign a context to contextless actions during my weekly review. Now I have this long list of groups and projects, both of which don't necessarily (most often don't for me) have one context, and I feel like it is a mess for me to clean up (i.e., don't get to a blank slate).

While I often do set a default context for a project, now in order for projects to not dirty up my No Context list, I *must* assign a default context. Some projects don't seem to call for that; and groups even more so. My $.02.


(also sent as official feedback)

cashdollar 2010-04-10 12:08 PM

Apparently we'll have the option to control this feature when 1.8 goes final
There's been a robust discussion about this in other threads, but in the post an omni staffer seems to indicate it will be optional.



2010-03-02, 07:36 PM
Quick post to clear up any confusion: this is a great thread. Big thanks to everyone that's participating; we are paying attention. The suggestions here will help us determine how this should work in the final release of OmniFocus for Mac 1.8.

We're working really hard on iPad apps right now, and we expect that to continue for a while. Since the various apps share code, our iPad app work can cause the build system to put out a new sneakypeek release of the Mac app, even if we haven't directly worked on that project.

In the meantime, folks contributing to this thread should not be discouraged. It's going to be a while before 1.8 is finalized, but when that happens, it's going to reflect the suggestions and ideas here.

Since we do plan to change things before going final, the folks that don't like the new behavior of groups/projects in context mode won't miss out on anything if they switch back to 1.7 for a while. We'll be sure to update the forums when we revisit this.

Thanks again, everyone!

omnibob 2010-04-11 11:02 AM

Thanks for the referral. To add a bit more to this, I believe I was one of the ones who asked to have Project / SAL grouping in Context mode, and in the 1.8 release notes it is written:

"Groups, Projects, and Inbox items now show up in Context lists"

I definitely want to be able to be able to see Project grouping in Context mode, yet simultaneously be able to turn off seeing the contextless Projects and Groups in the No Context container.


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