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random1destiny 2014-01-01 12:53 PM

Automator workflow to export OO files for iPhone viewing
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Hey all, I've been playing around with Automator to make a workflow to export all my OO files to RTF files in my dropbox folder so I can view them on my iPhone. I've attached a photo of what I have so far, unfortunately I've only been able to make it do one file per workflow because you can only enter one file name in the Export Outlines action (I believe causing the files to overwrite each other).

Are there any Automator gurus here that can tell me what I'm doing wrong or want to take a stab at this? I've attached a screenshot as well as a copy of the workflow file (just drag in your own OO files).

If we can get this script working it will effectively allow a "read only" option on iPhone for OO files, something to get us by until Omnigroup ever comes out with an actual app. I feel like this workflow is close but I'm not familiar enough with Automator to get the whole batch export working at once.

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