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ueila 2007-07-12 10:03 PM

Import Subject & Body Question
Is it possible for someone to script putting the Subject of a in the title of an Inbox item and the body of the email into the text field?

I know nothing of Apple Scripts but one of the most useful features if iGTD is to press F6 and have this happen automatically. Especially true if a lot of your incoming email is either business or project related.

ueila in ch

curt.clifton 2007-07-13 06:48 AM

My mail link scripts can already do this. They are available from [URL=""]my software downloads page[/URL]. By default a summary of the message body is put in the note field, but the instructions explain how to change the script to get the whole message body.

ueila 2007-07-13 08:23 AM

Thank you. I have been using your scripts but I didn't notice that. Bill

PS: I should have read your information more thoroughly. I made the amendment and it works perfectly. Thanks again ...

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