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columbo 2007-04-01 12:17 PM

I've just read that entire thread and i have to admit that the OP might be:
- an alien
- a kid who've played with his parents's credit card

To the OP (that may never go back there...):

On the order receipt sent by email, you should knew how to get your (parents) money back, hence the following quote taken from the order receipt email:

To install your licenses, select "Licenses" from the application menu. The
license panel will be displayed. Click on the "Add License" button. In the
resulting sheet, enter the license owner and license key exactly as shown
above. (We suggest copying the license info from here and pasting it into
the license panel. If the license owner string includes extra text like
"[EDUCATIONAL PURCHASE]" you must enter that into the license panel.)
Additional help on installing licenses is available at

Information on our refund policy is available at

Information on our privacy policy is available at

You can download the latest version of our applications at
<>. Click on the application in which you
are interested, then click on the download link.

If you have technical support questions, choose "Send Feedback" from the
Help menu in the application with which you are having problems. (This
formats an email message in a way that lets us know you are a registered
user.) Please include information on exactly which version of the
application you are running, what version of Mac OS X, and what kind of
machine you are using. Also, if you can include your order number, this can
be helpful to us.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this purchase, contact us at
[email][/email]. Please include your order number in your email.[/I]"

In the future, please save yourself some efforts by [B]reading[/B] order receipts, dumbo!


aleding 2007-04-03 02:04 PM

WOW!!! this is classic. Seriously, some great reading to break up my Tuesday.

I think Stormchild put it perfectly and to you sir, many thanks. And Columbo's comments were right on also...

I think this guy "cpcabral" seriously, and I am not joking now, missed his meds. We all need to pitch in and get him hooked up.

I never thought I would read about some clown getting this freaked about - of all things - a web browser - Good or bad man, it's just a piece of code.

So go away and let the adults get on with their business. Me? I'm gonna call Steve Jobs and read him the riot act for putting together that other startup, Apple.

Forrest 2007-04-03 05:20 PM


aleding 2007-04-03 05:28 PM


Dude, that is insanely funny...

Chiller 2007-04-06 05:23 PM

A forum record?
Is there a record for the number of replies or views of a thread? I mean 2,345 views is huge compared to everything else.

By the way, I use OmniWeb on a old 2x 867 Mhz G4 MDD, 1.5 GB RAM and it works great.

Ilgaz 2007-04-09 01:01 AM

It shows up in forums front page with single link :) I am glad Omni group is not a new company since it is awful for a companies forums having "I want my money back" at front page :D

Now it will be problem to remove the topic since all people replied to it.

Perhaps we should start a new thread "I want to pay more! How can I do it?" and post record number of replies to save company image?

Sad thing is, I just replied making sure it will appear on front page... Argh..

gray49 2007-04-16 02:23 PM



NateS 2007-04-16 07:23 PM

[QUOTE=cpcabral]I just had no idea where to start. I thought the discussion groups would be a starting point. . . .[/QUOTE]

This is such an insincere statement that it is irrefutable proof that the poster's intentions were malicious. "I just had no idea where to start." Really, no one could be so stupid as not to know how to send an email to a company from whom they purchased software, in order to inquire about problems with its use and/or about a refund.

Rather, it is clear that the true motive was a crude attempt to publicly smear the company's product in a forum provided by the company for genuine support issues, and of course it backfired because it was so easy to see that the post was nothing more than a petulant temper tantrum by a rude nitwit.

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