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michaelaye 2010-06-28 12:22 AM

Re-apply style-file?
I set up my default style file exactly how I want it now, but have some omniplan files from before. Can I apply somehow the default style to the older documents?


skwirl 2010-06-28 08:37 PM

Are you talking about the default styles in the Project : Styles inspector for Whole Document, Tasks, Notes, etc...? If so, try this:

In the OmniPlan document with the styles you want to use, select one style and click on the little gear icon at the bottom of the inspector, then select "Copy". Now open your older OmniPlan document and select that same style, click on the gear icon and select "Paste".

Repeat for each style until you're done.

michaelaye 2010-07-05 06:18 AM

So, a 1-click apply of all styles of the saved templates is not possible?
(sorry, that's what i meant, the styles of the saved template that so nicely is automatically applied to newly imported docs)
Could this be a feature request then?

Thanks for your help!

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