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augoisms 2011-07-07 08:45 AM

Zoom in on stencil preview?
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I have been customizing a large stencil set. Unfortunately most of the elements in my stencil set are small. In the stencil preview window it's really hard to distinguish between all of the different elements. I tried searching for any topics on zoom in, but I couldn't find anything... I don't want to enlarge the elements in my stencil because they are the correct pixel size that I need, so no re-sizing will be necessary when I drag them onto the canvas.

Does anybody know how to zoom or enlarge the stencil preview? Is this even possible? Thank you!

Joel 2011-07-07 09:04 AM

You can either resize the Stencil Window itself to enlarge the elements inside, or switch to Well View Mode (it's the segmented control in the toolbar, upper left) to get a grid of elements with each one fitting in its cell at a nice size.

Hope that helps,

augoisms 2011-07-07 09:24 AM

Wow, so simple... Thanks! It would be nice though if the well view mode offered option to enlarge without having to resize the window (screen real estate is always precious). I think I might fill out a comment card.

Thanks for the help.

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