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cranmer 2011-10-14 12:26 PM

Issue with drag&drop from LaTexIt after Lion

I'm a physicists and I use OmniGraffle (OG) + LaTexIt constantly.
I rarely use LaTexIt as a service, but drag and drop PDF into OG.

After upgrading to Lion I have an annoying problem. When I drag & drop the PDF into the desired location, it doesn't show up. After a few tries I realized that it IS dropping the PDF into the document, but it is very far away (usually off the active part of the canvas).

Any ideas? This is killing one of my mail working methods.


brucefrancis1 2011-11-16 02:47 AM

I too have been unable to fix this. However, if you click the pdf thumbnail in the Latex-it window and then use cut (command-C), you can then paste (command-V) the pdf where you want on the Omnigraffle window.

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