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AnthonySmith 2010-03-29 05:25 AM

sort by due date
I am new to omnifocus and I may have missed something obvious. I have checked the help file, but to no avail. The problem is, my tasks will not sort by due date (or anything else). I can click on the column name and the sorting arrow appears, but nothing actually changes. I have tried to select all the tasks or deselect all the tasks, but nothing works. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Toadling 2010-03-29 07:11 AM

Sort projects in planning mode and actions in context mode by using the sort menu of the view bar. Note that this sort is non-destructive, meaning your data (specifically, the order of your data) has not really been changed, only its appearance has changed. These settings can then be saved as perspectives.

Alternatively, in planning mode, you can select a bunch of items and choose an option from the Edit->Sort menu to destructively sort the selection by a variety of criteria.

Hope this helps.


AnthonySmith 2010-03-30 06:34 AM

Very helpful. Thanks

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