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Omnificus 2010-09-10 08:11 AM

Actionable groups and projects :( [Can hide: see thread.]
Omnifocus has become completely unusable for me.
Projects I used for seperate courses: so 'Math', 'Latin', 'Psychics' and action groups I used for different classes so 'Week 37 : Class 1' or 'Lesson #14'.
None of these are actionable and I don't want them to appear in my due or available actions lists.

Please omnigroup fix this as soon as possible, this was always a problem with Omnifocus 1.7 but now I can't even see my available actions clearly in context mode!

Any suggestions?

pjb 2010-09-10 02:00 PM

When I faced this for the first time in the beta I was certainly frustrated but after reworking my organization and making more use of automatic completion I find I no longer lose track of some tasks. The regular Review helps. Sometimes those non-actionable items really needed a bit of reflection or expansion or just needed to be set to go away automatically. I have more Projects than I used to but with nesting folders that fuller left pane just makes it easier to set focus. It was work to adjust to this change, but after a week I was very comfortable with it.

uof 2010-09-11 01:34 AM

Hey there, I thought the same thing and then someone pointed out this option which is availalble in the View menu (when in context mode): "Hide Parent Items in Context Mode".

That means your context view will only show actions not action groups or projects. Simpler again!

Omnificus 2010-09-11 06:13 AM

Thanks for the tip but still this doesn't solve the problem.
The due counter still has the project as actionable.

I cannot understand why Omnigroup chose to make projects and group parents actionable.
Projects are outcomes, they even describe that in their 'GTD, Omnifocus and you' pdf!

Toadling 2010-09-11 03:44 PM

[QUOTE=Omnificus;85436]I cannot understand why Omnigroup chose to make projects and group parents actionable.[/QUOTE]

I don't think it was an arbitrary decision implemented just to foil your workflow. :-)

For a very long time (maybe since the initial 1.0 release almost 3 years ago) there's been a very vocal group of users advocating for this behavior. I think Omni thought long and hard on this issue and finally decided to do something about it.

Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to make everyone happy. Personally, I find I'm consistently happier if I remain flexible and don't lock myself into any particular workflow.


henry 2010-09-12 12:25 AM

Can someone summarise why making projects and groups actionable is a good thing.

whpalmer4 2010-09-12 03:22 AM

See Ken's posts [url][/url] and [url][/url]

sghiassy 2010-09-13 01:26 PM

I've been using OmniFocus since kinkless (2005ish). I love OmniFocus but this new workflow feature of actionable Groups is killing me... I am praying to the OmniGods to at least provide an option to disable this terribleness.

Brian 2010-09-14 11:36 AM

Some example threads for the folks that are helped by the change:
[LIST][*][URL=""]Show action group in context mode?[/URL][*][URL=""]Why does DUE view not support Outlining?[/URL][*][URL=""]"I don't know why action groups are distinguished from actions."[/URL][/LIST]
That said, folks that don't like the new behavior can disable it under the View menu. "Hide Parent Items" is the one you're looking for. :-)

patgallant 2010-09-14 11:55 AM

I personally like the change. If I'm operating in a context and I finish the last item I have in a project, that project's name shows up in my list. I don't always plan out every step of a project at the start, so this is an opportunity for me to either a) add more actions to the project or b) mark the project as complete without it slipping from my focus.

It seems that the only way to add actions to a project from context view is to double click on it (or use Option+Command+R) right? If I select a project in my context list and try to add a child (Command+}) it beeps at me.

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