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nicbox 2012-08-09 03:02 AM

Mail to OmniFocus app stopped working
After upgrading to Mountain Lion, I've noticed that I can no longer send mails to my OF inbox.

My set up is OF (from App Store) running on a Mac Mini with Mail set up using a single purpose mailbox. The Mac is running as a server (headless) and is used for adding new tasks via mail, which are then managed using the ipad app.

The Mail rule is enabled and I can see mail arriving in the mailbox, but the script is not moving the message into OF.

Help appreciated!

jbrown 2012-08-09 10:04 AM

You may want to try the troubleshooting steps here:


We recently submitted an update to Apple that addresses issues with the Mail Rule and Clip-O-Tron in Mountain Lion, but they need to review and approve the update before it can be made available in the Mac App Store.

Feel free to [EMAIL=""]email us[/EMAIL] if you're still having trouble. Thanks!

nicbox 2012-08-23 02:32 AM

App upgraded
Now running 1.10.3 (v77.90.17), disabled the 'add mail rule' option in OF, re-enabled which then prompted me to restart mail which I did. Sent a test email, but still not adding to the OF inbox.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Many thanks

jbu 2012-08-23 09:46 AM

I have asked support about this as I have the same problem. Here is the answer:

"Unfortunately we are finding that starting in OS X Snow Leopard, the Mail rule has worked for fewer and fewer customers. It seems that in many cases Mail executes the rule but doesn't actually fire the script that adds the new inbox item to OmniFocus; you can tell if this is happening to you by observing if the message is marked as read and/or moved to the designated archive folder within Mail.

We hope to get around this growing problem by adding a feature to the Omni Sync Server which will add mails sent to a special address directly to your database on the server"

nicbox 2012-08-28 08:23 AM

Thanks for this. I guess I was one of the lucky ones using Lion, but now fall into line with the masses under Mountain Lion :-)

This is one of the features I could really do with, given that it simplifies the process of 'managing your mailbox' - just have to wait patiently :)

nick101 2012-08-29 12:29 AM

Odd - it's now working for me but I had to reinstall OF/Mac to get it back (yes, I had been using the latest version).

Full steps:
Uncheck the mail option
Reinstall OF
Check the mail option (I use the leading -- approach, if it makes a difference)
Mail restarts and all seems OK - for now

Clip-o-tron works too

granmon 2012-08-31 07:57 AM

Try this....
I've tried to debug the script: Send to omnifocus

The script (on my computer) stopped working in the lines:

if AllowedSender does not contain trimmedSender and AllowedSender does not contain theSender then

log "OmniFocus Mail Rule: Received message from unauthorized sender " & trimmedSender & " - ignoring message"

Apparently the criteria for an interruption of the script (ie. ignoring the message) are fullfilled.

I made this part of the script to a comment by writing -- in front of each line.
(or delete the lines)

Afterwards it works....


masoric 2012-09-12 07:35 PM

Great tip granmon! This worked for me too!

whpalmer4 2012-09-12 09:27 PM

Did you check to make sure that the account the email is being sent from is in the "allowed senders" list in the OmniFocus preferences? All those lines that were removed do is spit out an error message (to help you (or the support ninjas) figure out why you aren't getting your email into OmniFocus), and then return without adding the message (so that no one can insert stuff in your database without your permission). What you've done by commenting out those lines is akin to removing the lock on your back door so you won't be inconvenienced if you forget your key :-)

PBenz 2012-09-13 05:20 AM

In my case, the script thinks that the sender of the message is not me, even though the email in Sent Items is definitely from me. You can see the log message in the Console app. It thinks the email is from somebody else:

9/13/12 8:02:46.938 AM OmniFocus[5624]: OmniFocus Mail Rule: Received message from unauthorized sender <incorrect email address here> - ignoring message

I sent another test from a different email account, and it worked. And then I sent a 3rd test from the original account, and now that worked too! Weird.

There is a clue, though: the person associated with the incorrect email address sent me an email about 20 minutes before I sent the email to OF. It was sitting in my inbox unread. I can't seem to reproduce the problem, though.

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