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Chrysippus 2008-01-30 04:38 PM

'Paste' command not available?
In the last week or two, I haven't been able to paste text in the source editor. I can copy text, but the paste command remains grayed out, and I get an error beep when I try to use the keyboard. It doesn't seem to matter where the text was copied from (a webpage in OW, or in Firefox, or a text document, etc.). I've now noticed the problem in web forms as well. Pasting from the context menu, on the other hand, works as expected. What am I missing? (Using OW 5.6 on Leopard)

Forrest 2008-01-30 05:46 PM

It works for me... but I am using 5.7

UncleB 2009-08-26 06:28 AM

I'm having similar issues with copy and paste.

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