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anmpir 2008-11-30 12:09 PM

Omnifocus & School
Just wondering about any students out here and how they apply omnifocus to organize their studies?

I was wondering if developers could maybe add a Grades tracking functionality to this software?

Is there a grade tracking software that anybody knows off other than "Schoolhouse"? It keeps crashing for me.

Legalnonresident 2008-12-18 01:28 AM

OF and Graduate School
I am a graduate student and I use OmniFocus (Mac and iPhone) to organize my projects.

Rather than simply using it for due dates or meeting times, I use OmniFocus to break my projects down into smaller (more manageable) actions and tasks. For example, I might self-impose due dates for initial research, gathering journal articles, developing outlines (love oo3 pro), reading/ preparing for a group meeting. This system allows me to keep up with all of my individual projects and tasks and gives me a quick option to find out exactly how far behind I am.

I have a very rudimentary understanding of GTD. I use contexts such as mac, word processing, internet, googreader, oo3, web only, email rather than using contexts for each class. Not sure if this is the most logical way to use contexts but it seem more natural to me.

I dump my life into OF. This was frightening at first but as I learned to trust the program my life has become much easier to manage. OF saved my life so many times during my first two semesters. It has helped me pay bills (mostly) on time, meet my deadlines and to organize my life.

Aside from managing my graduate workload, the "Due Soon" total in my dock is a good predictor of how much time I have to sleep during any given weekend.

anmpir 2008-12-18 02:32 AM

Fair enough, but how about Grade tracking?

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