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d2hamilton 2008-04-28 02:50 PM

Copy / paste problems (to Entourage 2008 / Mail)
My primary use for OO is to want to quickly capture notes and then be able to paste them into Entourage (2008) and/or Mail (depending on if it's for work or personal).

Unfortunately, though OO does a great job of capturing an outline I have problems when pasting it into (some) other applications.

* When I paste into Entourage it seems okay with respect to the levels, but instead of wrapping text, it pastes it as a fixed width column. I.e. it seems to be plain text rather than RTF.
* When I paste into Mail, it doesn't capture all the indents. E.g. the level 3 indents show up as level 2 indents.

When I paste into Word, it seems to work perfectly. Note that these are all going to non-Mac users, so I cannot send the notes in native OO format.

Any suggestions / solutions?


UniAce 2010-04-18 01:17 PM

Has this issue ever been resolved?

I'm having the same issue.
Pasting from OmniOutliner Pro (v 3.9.5) into Apple does not retain indentation. (Or rather, only the top 2 levels are retained, and all levels below 2 have the same indentation as 2.)

I've tried first exporting from OOP to rich text (the rtf file does show proper indentation), and then pasting from the rtf to a new email in Mail (making sure that the new email is set to rich text format), and I get the same result.

I think the problem is that the RTF export achieves different levels of indentation by using just one tab per line and changing the tab stops as needed. If I export as "plain text with tabs", which instead uses multiple tabs (e.g., one tab for level 2, two tabs fro level 3, etc.), then indentation is indeed correctly retained and can be pasted into However, all other formatting is lost (because it's plain text). So, a solution would be an export option of "RTF with tabs" or to have an RTF export preference setting for how indentation is handled. But it would still be even nicer to be able to cut from OOP and paste to Mail without having to export first.

DerekM 2010-04-19 10:00 AM

You are indeed right, the problem is Mail, or probably any email client, doesn't allow for tab stops. We are aware of this issue and we'll try to address it in a future version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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