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blamb327 2009-10-15 09:17 AM

Using Projects as Contexts
Hi everyone!

I'm just about half-way through David Allen's GTD book so I haven't yet read the second or third parts yet regarding setting up workflow.

That being said I've been using OF for a few weeks and I've discovered that I like using projects as contexts. For instance, I have projects for E-mail, WIKI, Meetings, Follow Up, Reports, etc. When I enter in a task I assign it to a project. I find that using this system I can quickly see what items are due soon and which categories/projects need the most attention. I like looking at the main page and seeing this information (how many items are due or due soon) without having to click into Contexts or Due.

I'm guessing this is not the most efficient use of the software since Contexts were setup for this purpose.

Any thoughts / ideas?

Brian 2009-10-15 04:41 PM

Well, it works, but you're sacrificing the ability to see the actions for a given project all in one place. With a small number of actions, it'll probably be fine, but I sorta doubt it'll scale up well.

Wouldn't the actions in something like the following end up scattered all over?

Project: Take over world
Step 1: send email to bob about deed on volcano hideout
Step 2: update wiki with stats on new ninja robots
Step 3: meet with UN, demand tribute.

It seems like the downside of moving contexts over to the other view is minimal, but gives you the ability to see how your actions relate to each other as they move you towards the overall goal...

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