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ghoetker 2013-12-03 12:57 PM

OmniDazzle replacement?
Omni is quite upfront that OD doesn't work so well on some newer systems. So, this isn't a complaint by any means. But, I really miss OD!!! In particular, I tend to lose my cursor across the three displays I have doing. I use to just hit the OD hotkey and look for the big sparkly thing.

Unless Omni foresees updating OD (and they seem well occupied with other things...), I wondered if anyone could suggest a replacement for this one specific use of OD. Just fine if it doesn't have the full range of effects OD did.


Rockyroad 2013-12-30 05:05 AM

Yes it doesn't work for me anymore either so I got Mouseposť and Pinpoint.

Tend to use Mouseposť the most.

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