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erlang 2008-08-14 04:25 PM

Feature request: about syncing multiple phones
Could it be possible to sync a phone to multiple locations?

Then I can use one database for work, and one for private?

In example you can implement holding down alt when starting omnifocus desktop to select database.

And similar at the iphone app, if the iphone is configured to sync towards more than one database, then the user selects database?

Looking forward to hear if you think this makes sense to implement.


Lizard 2008-08-15 06:50 PM

I'm not sure I understand the desire for this. One of the philosophies of OmniFocus is about having everything you need to do together in one place, so that if you need to run errands for work and home, you can see them both together in your context lists, even though they're for separate projects.

Many people have a Work folder and a Home folder with separate projects under each.

Holding down alt when starting OmniFocus on the Mac is primarily available for testing and troubleshooting purposes, not because we expect users to actually maintain multiple databases.

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