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amz1 2013-09-16 05:58 PM

How to make items that recur every day at 9:00 am?
This seems like it should be easy to do, and I feel like I understand OF's recurrence options reasonably well, but I can't seem to set it up correctly.

Basically, I have a list of daily chores that I would like to reappear in my list every day, regardless of whether or not I did them the previous day. In other words, I'd like my "Daily Chores" list (it's a single action list) to include X, Y, and Z. As I do these chores during the course of the day and check them off they should disappear from the list. But, regardless of whether or not I checked off the item on Monday, and regardless of what time I checked off the item, on Tuesday morning the list should once again be populated by a list of all the items, and only copy of the item.

I've tried experimenting with different versions of "Start Again" and "Due Again" recurrence but none of them work the way I expect.

Any suggestions? This seems like it should be pretty straightforward but I'm stumped.

Many thanks in advance!

Abe Z.

JRArseneau 2013-09-16 07:26 PM

Are any of these tasks ("chores") grouped? Where is your recurring happening, on the single action list itself or on the individual tasks?

JRArseneau 2013-09-16 07:31 PM

I quickly tried this in my environment and got it working.

1. Create a single action list called "Chores"
2. Added 3 chores, each as a task
3. Set each of the tasks as "due again" after 1 day

When I complete one of the tasks, it disappears and re-appears the next day (you can simulate this by bringing down the view options -> CMD-SHIFT-V, and choosing availability filter: remaining).

For those tasks I did not check off, they appear in my list the next day but don't duplicate.

Your default filter for actions should be set to "available", not remaining. Save this as a perspective called "Chores" and go to it every day to see your chores you need to do.

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